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Thread: Need a 12.1" widescreen replacement touch overlay for my laptop. Any suggestions.

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    Need a 12.1" widescreen replacement touch overlay for my laptop. Any suggestions.

    I got an HP TX1000 tablet media laptop a year ago and pretty much have hated it since. Mostly because of the big and bloated Vista. But also because the touch screen is not finger touch sensitive, but is also not a active digitizer tablet either. They are the first gen touch screen laptop media tablets and they made then so you could only activate the touch screen with a fingernail or the pointy end of the stylus.

    So after a few months of use, the stylus scratched the **** out of the right side where you scroll pages down so I quite using the touch screen to scroll and used the down button instead. And just last weekend I decided to take the screen apart and see what makes it tick. Well actually what I ended up doing is taking the crappy touch screen panel right off of the 12.1 inch widescreen which so super thin, and now I would like to get resistive 4 or 5 wire touch screen overlay for it and maybe use it in my carputer install rather than the one I currently use in my house which is a 17 inch touch screen.

    So anyways, I was just wondering if anyone has run across a 12.1 inch widescreen touch screen overlay? I know most don't like the larger screens, but I think this size is still small enough to do an install. I have been searching all week and have found the same size of LCD with the panel already on it, but not just the panel. I may just have to contact HP and see if they will sell me a replacement. But that may cost an arm and a leg or wether they would even give me the time of day.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

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    is the hp screen lvds connection? and led backlit? im looking for a new screen and would like to find laptops they come from. as for a new touchscreen. contact [email protected]
    they put a glass touch pannel ontop of my toshiba techra 8100 14.1" lcd. works flawlessly.
    only downside is the glass pannel added 1/8" to the thickness of the screen. so it won't fit in the factory screen bezel anymore.

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    Here's a link for ya, 6.4" to 65" touch screen overlays. Hmmm imagine a HDTV of 46"s mounted in the back of a SUV thats touch screen. LOL that would be great!

    Here's another

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