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Thread: VGA extension cable (between carputer and Lilliput EBY701)

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    VGA extension cable (between carputer and Lilliput EBY701)

    I bought a 5 meter VGA extension cable off ebay (One end male one end female) to connect my carputer to my lilliput EBY701 monitor. The computer is in the trunk and the monitor is next to the driver. For some reason the cable doesn't work (no signal error). I'm suspecting it's broken but I want to make sure I bought the right thing before buying a new one. Connecting the monitor directly to the computer works, so it must be the cable. I tried the cable at home (connecting my laptop to my monitor using the extension cable) and it didn't work either.

    Are the pins supposed to be sorted differently if it's an extension? (reversed or something) or is any cable supposed to work? Could it be that the signal cannot be transfered to a 5 meter distance?

    Thank you very much in advance,

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    if you have a multimeter you can check each pin to make sure the signal makes it all the way through to the other end. But I'm guessing if it didn't work on two monitors and they both work separately then you got a bum cable.

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    yup that's exactly what I just did.
    They're all supposed to be connected right? Because about half of them are dead

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    Not all pins are used in transmitting the video signal through the vga cable. I can look up the proper pin assignments for the vga connector when I get to my terminal at home.
    But I am inclined to agree with matt about the bum cable.
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    Ok from what I see in the diagram they all have a purpose, so they should all be connected at the other end. Oh well I'll get a new one. Thanks!

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