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Thread: bmw headrest screen problems

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    bmw headrest screen problems

    Im trying to sort out the monitors on my boss's bmw headrests. they were in the car when he bought it second hand but they were not connected (although he was told that they did work at one point)

    there only seems to be one connector coming out of the headrests which looks a bit like svideo and i cant find a live/ground connection so im assuming its all in this one lead?

    heres a photo

    and a diagram of the connector

    the connector sleave has "SG" written on it
    any help as to what this connection is? Im not sure if its an aftermarket thing on an original BMW fitment of somesorts :S

    thanks for any help in advance

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    that's a Vizualogic connector that carries video and power. That connects to a distribution box.

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