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Thread: 95 Chevy Lumina

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    95 Chevy Lumina

    Hey there guys,
    Beside buying a dash and cutting it up to fit a screen.
    Does anyone know of any manufactures that make dashes that are made for screens. I'm thinkin' i'm gonna have to buy a dash and screen and custom fit the thing for my car. This way is cheaper, but more time consuming. The pay off from the custom work will bring more enjoyment though.
    I've been kickin' around the Idea of buying a Single Din in dash display the few I have found that look like winner are as follows and a few others. ***Not motorized***

    I haven't really looked at many touch screens to mod out but I need to see what kind of dimmension are possiable if I mod the dash.
    Anyone have any experince with the In Dash Displays. Are they being made with cheap plastic gears or metal ones? I don't want to get one and the thing break from normal use. I'm not a rough driver when I drive but its normal driving and what not.

    Here is what my dash looks like.

    Gap at the bottom right is were my super sweet delco radio used to be!!! Thought about extending the opening to accomidate a screen.
    I'm just looking for some good advice or at least hints on where to go.

    I appreciate any help anyone is willing to give. Thanks for all your time and effort.



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    hey im here

    im not to sure bout ur dash i have a 95 lumina blue just likeurs but im pretty sure they dont make replacement you could go to a junk yard or something try on one but i have a question you thing the dash is plastic on top or vinyil ???? im going to dye it but i dunno whatthe top of the dash is

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