Hello friends, I help because I am lost.
The VFD plugin that comes in Centrafuse I do not like, does not show anything I want, I'm done using Smartie.

He managed to put most of the functions, only I have left some in which I'm asking for help.

I want to get a plug thanks to the screen showing me some of the data that gives Centrafuse, title, duration of a track temperature of system and OBDII information.

I know that is possible because there are all files and Smartie Centrafuse is free software.

I understand some programming (rather nothing) why I'm asking for help.

In centrafuse, in the xml VFD I get this:
 - <VFD>

My idea is to convert data showing Centrafuse to interpret data in Smartie.
As far as I know allows various types of programming.

Here the information programming:
[url] http://lcdsmartie.sourceforge.net/plugins.html [/ url]

You can help me please.
Thank you

I have a 4x20 LCD.

This is what I get. (Now is not working, I wrote that I was to see what I want)
Screen1: (no track and temp)

Screen2: (no track and OBDII)

Since you ask, it could do this but that works with Centrafuse ... Thank you very much.