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Thread: 3M vikuiti films on lilliput

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    3M vikuiti films on lilliput


    I just received some free samples of the vikuiti films that 3M sells as a 'display enhancement'. Apparently these will reduce glare and increase visibility. The free samples are more than enough to cover two lilliput screens (7 inch).

    I know I read somewhere where somebody already did this, but did not provide any details on what was done. My main question is where to place these films. My guess is on the outermost layer (i.e. right on the front), but I could be wrong on this.

    Has anyone tried this?

    It seems like a VERY cheap way to improve the non-transflective displays, assuming it works as advertised. You don't even have to pay postage, and it was a simple web form. I don't want to do the wrong thing with it, since if you want to buy the stuff, you are going to have to buy a much larger quantity than the supplied samples.

    Any thoughts?


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    I checked out the site and it appears that the film goes on the front of the display. There are 3 types offered, non-adhesive, permanent and removable. Which samples did you get? I also have a glare problem with my Lilliput and would really like to know the results of your test.

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    I ordered three different samples. The first one is the removeable one (ARMR 200). Unfortunately, it came as a tiny piece designed for a cell phone, I believe.

    The other two are the ARM 200 and the ARMP 200. These came as large sheets that easily have enough for two screens each. I haven't had a lot of opportunity to play with them yet (computer was down for a bit, but back up now). I am going to try them in short order. I figure I may just 'tack' the non adhesive one in place, and see what I get there. If it seems to improve things, I will go for the permanent one.

    I will post here my results, and try and get some pictures of before and after as well.


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    check out this thread. There is some usefull info in there about thew 3M upgrade

    3m upgrades
    The road is long but we are getting there.

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    Darn, I read that whole thread and no one ever actually showed pictures, or came down definitively on the one that I believe may fix the problem. Everyone just kept on complaining about the glare. They were trying to fix the brightness.

    My screen is already bright enough to read in sunlight. Just the glare is the problem. The ARMR-200 they keep mentioning would be my last choice, as it is obviously a cheaper material than the ARM and ARMP models.

    I was hoping somebody had tried this, and had some before/after experience.

    What I am thinking is to take the ARM-200 (non adhesive) model and open up the screen. Then I can make it the same size as the touchscreen and put it back in the frame. I am hoping that will solve my glare problem.

    It seems that the BEF is useless against glare. Every picture I saw on there represents the real problem I see with these screens. Direct sunlight glare kills the viewability of the screen.

    So unless there is another thread on this I missed (I searched for ARM(p/r) 200), it seems that nobody has given it a serious try.

    So I guess I should have narrowed the subject down to the anti glare films only. My brightness is more than enough.


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    First off, Id like to say, NO.
    If you "tack" those films, they won't help. You'll be sitting at your desk wondering why the hell you thought it would work.
    You need the anti-glare or anti-reflective screen laminated to the screen. You can laminate it on the front of the touchscreen, the back of the touchscreen, or the front of the LCD panel.
    What you should use is the permanent adhesive one. Attach that to one of those three places (typically the front of the touchscreen) and it should do the trick.
    Those films work by reducing the refraction index between materials and therefore they need to be touching the glass in all positions or it wont work as intended.

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    OK, I do have the permanent one as well.

    Have you tried this? I would hate to make it worse when applying it, since it can't be undone easily. That said, it would seem that it should help with the worst problem I have with this screen.

    I was mostly curious if anybody had done this before, and what their results were.



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    Any news?

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    Ive installed the BEF and DBEF films onto my screen. It helps with the brightness a bit to help make it more visible in the sun. The glare on our touchscreens is due to the resistive overlay they use on it. Adding a bunch of films behind that isnt really going to do much. If you want to reduce glare, youll need to do something about the touchscreen overlay. Ive tried a bunch of products from the 3M Vikuiti anti-glare films, polarizing films, to some cheap screen protectors which promise to reduce glare. None of these products made the touchscreen 100% sunlight readable.

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