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Thread: Installing a roof mount screen in a Grand Voyager (Town & Country)

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    Installing a roof mount screen in a Grand Voyager (Town & Country)

    Hi all,

    New to this site and this is my first post. I can see this site is generally for carpc purposes, but I think it will also have buckets of information and advice for in-car entertainment buffs like me. That said, I must admit that I had been thinking of a way to get PC into my car (mobile internet usage and all that) and so I'm glad I stumbled on this site! I don't however think my wife would agree as she's fed up with my never ending tinkering in the car!!

    Anyway, I wonder if anybody can help or give advice? I want to install a roof mount flip down monitor in my 2004 Chrysler Grand Voyager and I just wondered if anybody knows how easy (or hard?) it is to do so? I was wondering what was underneath the cloth roof trim i.e., some sort of mounting plate between the trim and external roof? How easy is it to mount such a screen and where would one start?

    I am somewhat nervous to start pulling all the roof lining down as I don't know what damage I may do!

    We already have a roof mount screen (OEM Chrysler install) but would like one (possibly two) more screens for the wife & I, so they would need to be installed above our heads and flip out so they are essentially touching the sun visors. Is this possible, wise or just foolish?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    There are usually 4-5 metal braces across the roof. If you have a dome light in your roof "usually" there is a brace there.

    If you have a van with rear air , then you will have some trouble removing the headliner. You will need to remove the sunvisors, center overhead consoles, side trim pieces ( which usually involve removing the seatbelts), hand holders, and hangers.

    It is quite complicated on some vans/suvs, and easier in some cars.

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