I have a lilluput 8" and I have it connected to my m4-atx. it was working fine but I wanted to shut off with the car not with the computer... so I put a relay in the power line of the lcd.

I tabbed the line that I have for the 12v switched and connected that to the relay, so that the lcd would be on any time the computer its on( I have a 3way switch (on with the car, off, and on anytime))

the problem: the lcd now have a bad distortion on the colors and I cant adjust them, and it happened after I put the relay. at first I put the relay on the negative line but it did not work so I tried the positive line and now it works fine except for the color distortion.

I tried the adapter that comes with the lcd and still the same distortion so my lcd its damage now.

Im thinking that when I tried the negative line it messed up the lcd ( dont remember when it happened exactly)
if so .. does the current setup would suitable for a new screen?

Thanks in Advance