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Thread: Lilliput 629, power but no image

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    Lilliput 629, power but no image

    This thread is very similar to RichIbizaSport's except that I did reverse the polarity.

    So it powers up fine, the power LED will be red when in stand by. I can turn the unit on by pressing power on the remote or the button on the control board. It will turn green when powered. I can then press any button on the control board and all the remaining green LED's will light up for 10 seconds.

    So I'm wondering if I have a paperweight or can it be savaged?

    What I can't figure out is where my nano fuse is. It would appear that the model of board I have it doesn't have one - it is definitely of different vintage than the other pictures I've seen posted. The board has components on one side only. The other side where I suspect others would find a nano fuse, my board has nothing. Doh!

    If I have blown my CCFL Backlight then am I truly at the end of the road? Please put be out of my misery
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