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Thread: Have I broken my Lilliput touchscreen?

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    Unhappy Have I broken my Lilliput touchscreen?

    Long story... but in short I accidentally connected 12V to the USB side of the touchscreen and stuffed it. It used to work before hand but once i did that it hasnt worked since.

    Is it just a matter of replacing the touchscreen part or is it more technical than that?

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    Impossible to know.
    It's very possible that you fried the TS controller. I don't know if a replacement touch panel includes the controller or not.

    Have you opened up the nit and looked at the circuit boards to see if there's any obvious damage?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    not yet..

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    You have to provide more info. What type of lilliput is it? If it is a EBY701, the controller is built into the VGA controller also. You may have to buy a universal USB controller and have it seperate. I think you can still get away with using the same panel though. If you have a custom setup and your not using the original casing, then it may be able to fit, but if you using the casing you will have to do modifications because the controller will not fit in the case.
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