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Thread: problem with lilliput screen

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    problem with lilliput screen

    Today I removed my stripped down Lilliput screen from the dash mount.

    Unfortunatly I think i broke it. It worked ok for a few hours, but now when it gets an input, it displays it for about 1 second, then the backlight seems to go out. When it next recieves VGA it does the same

    Can anyone recommend anything? This is just another issue in the ongoing CarPC nightmare

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    Id provide the model number, but cant see it on the screen. Everything seems to be branded Hitachi....

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    Need more info, but it sounds like you PC is displaying a resolution or size that your screen doesnt detect. What mobo and graphics card do you have? Trust me bro, i think ive had more nightmares then the whole forum put together with my massive system. Trust me the love for technology will keep you going and the end result will be hot.
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    hi mate
    unfortunatly its not PC related. If I disconnect it from the PC, so its only getting power, and touch the reverse cam power cable onto the power, it shows a bluescreen with Video 3 on screen, but then goes off after under 2 seconds

    If pretty certain its screen related

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    Does anyone have any ideas othis old thread?

    Still have the screen on my bench. Ive ordered a new one, but would still like to see this one working!!


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