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Thread: outputting video card to RCA/S-Video

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    outputting video card to RCA/S-Video

    I'm looking for a way to run my PC's video output into RCA/S-video-IN video screens. I tried doing it with my old computer, and the result always came to be a red-tinted screen with some kind of green-looking speckles on the edges of the images on screen (and where it was supposed to be black...)

    Basically, I'm planning on using a cheaper LCD set for the rear monitors, and pushing video through them for the passengers (movies, or music visualizations) but I'd still like to use my PC to control these options... OR, maybe some multiplayer SNES/MAME emulation using wireless bluetooth controllers...

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    You need a VGA-to-RCA converter (also known as a scan converter) or a video card with s-video (or composite video) out.
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