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Thread: Keycorp 12.1 LCD questions

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    Keycorp 12.1 LCD questions

    Im new to this board and am just about to start building my carputer.
    I want to get a cheap LCD for control and during my search on ebay i came across this 12.1 inch lcd screen. It appears to be model number K57H and looks ideal for my system because -

    -its cheap
    -it takes power from PCI card hence dont need another plug in invertor

    however i havent really heard many good things about this screen from this forum. Has anyone had any experience of it? I would prefer a bright screen - do you think that this is good enough.
    Another problem that i have is connecting it to the computer. Ill probably have the motherboard etc in the boot and the supplied cable is only 2m. Is there any way of extending this cable?
    One last question is this - can you see any way of mounting a screen like htis in a renault 5 campus?


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    Does the LCD come with a PCI driver board? If it does, then you'll need a special cable to run to the lcd i think, which might make it hard to find an extension that will work easily.
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