I have a Xenarc 705 TSV hard-mounted in the dash via plastic weld. I'm now having an issue where if the road is bumpy or sometimes when I press the screen the image will both mirror image and vertical rotate on me. Sometimes it's just for an instant and then flickers back to normal. Other times it stays that way unless I do like the Fonz and hit my palm on the center dash next to the screen, oddly this works to get it back to normal for a while at least. I have it on a Mac Mini, though I don't think the input is the issue as it also does it on the RCA inputs, even the built in channel indicator saying V1 or PC gets flipped.

I did take it apart to re-locate the IR led to my air vent to prevent drilling another hole in the dash, I suspect one of the ribbon cables may be a bit loose. I will also be looking up the button configuration. The way I have it mounted the case is flush with the back side of the dash, perhaps a button is being pressed by the dash when I hit a bump if there is one on the face that does rearview or something.