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Thread: Lilliput GL701 vs Xenarc 700IDT?

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    Lilliput GL701 vs Xenarc 700IDT?

    My girlfriend has generously offered to buy me a vga screen for my birthday.
    I am torn between this two 1din screens, and am wondering if anyone can give me any information on which is the better choice.
    I own an acura 1.6 el, and it is not possible to put in a 2din screen, due to the weird console layout.
    Heres a picture: here

    If anyone has any other mounting ideas, opposed to the 1din in dash, please let me know.
    Help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

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    Had to bump this, time is running out and I still have not made my choice!

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    definetly not GL701

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    From the reading I have been doing this week, it seems that the lowerend Lilliputs are not recommended. The Xenarcs do have a better reputation. I have seen a few posts Lilliputs have what is called the white screen of death - dead screen.

    I was going for an entry level screen, but I have been convinced from what I have read this week that it is a good idea to invest in a good screen that can cope with sunlight. I know it is a lot more expensive, but I have decided to go with Remember that you can take off 19% of that price if you are not in Germany as you won't pay the taxes. It's not quite transflexsive, but better than standard.

    I plan to use mapping software and GPS a lot, so clear screen is a must. I have been strongly advised to stay away from the Lilliputs.

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