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Thread: Looking or Double Din Touchsreen soultion

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    Looking or Double Din Touchsreen soultion

    Well I just got a Custom double din mold for my car (I have a SRT-4 and it has 1 1/2 din) and I wish to put a carpc in, but I want a touchscreen that will fit in my double din slot. I have searched and havent found what I am looking for, can someone please point me in the right direction for what I want to do.

    Thank you ahead of time!

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    For double din you probably need to remove the LCD and circuit board from the factory housing. You can get the double din kit from store or from I was looking into the ones that bybyte sell cause some owners of mazdas said they use that. But also I am looking into maybe doing a custom one myself. I think the touchscreen I've purchased will fit pretty good for the radio space in my car.

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