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Thread: 2 questions: USB to RCA video and 1.5 DIN 6" LCD

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    2 questions: USB to RCA video and 1.5 DIN 6" LCD

    New user. First Post.

    I have a 2007 Range Rover Sport with OEM nav and a 2002 Suburban.

    I'm going to get the g-net GVIF video adaptor that allows me to plug in 3 video sources to my Rover. Is there a USB to RCA/S-VHS composite video like DisplayLink (USB to VGA video)? I checked google and ebay and no results. I would like a USB dongle with a simple RCA video out jack. I would then hook up my carputer (EEEPC) and use it as a second monitor.

    2nd question, I want to put a screen into my 2002 Suburban but do not want to hack up the dash bezel. I'm looking for a 6" VGA or a 1.5 din touchscreen monitor. I prefer not to go flip-out. I've seen some 1.5 din with 3.5 and 4" screens but none of them are VGA or touchscreen.

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    If the EEEPC has a VGA output, you could get a VGA-to-RCA adapter, like

    If not, you could still use that adapter, but with a USB video card.

    I don't know about the second question.

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