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Thread: anybody buy this ? 7" lilliput on ebay

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    Oct 2008
    i got that exact monitor from that exact seller...

    it replaced my old model xenarc 700-tsv, and wow was it an upgrade.

    the 700-tsv had a HORRIBLE viewing angle. the passenger could NOT see anything on the screen, you must be right in front of it to see anything.
    but with this lilliput you're looking at, u can view it from such a wide angle, you can pretty much view it at 180 degrees haha

    its so bright, and crisp. it has a wireless remote. the touch screen is very responsive. its also much lighter than the 700tsv. and best of all, its half the cost of the 700-tsv.

    that is a really good monitor, i highly recommend it.

    P.S. if you read at the bottom of that auciton, it says they provide a 1 year warranty

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    Oct 2008
    thanks to everyone for their feedback really appreciate it...hoping my funding will be in my acct here in the next week and ill be able to get back on the horse as this is the item ive been waiting on...

    again thank you all (i do think im gonna go with this) plus both my truck and jetta have pretty dark windows... hehe

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    I just recently bought from Sharptron, too. I am convinced that they are Lilliput USA, or whatever they would call themselves. Return address is Lilliput, and the name and phone number provided in a follow up e-mail is for Lilliput.

    Got the monitor fast, and everything is great! Big upgrade to my 4 year old 619.
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    bought 1 also, have it two months now works great and they shipped it out fast. No problems with them and plan on getting 2 more next month.

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