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Thread: Xenarc 702tsv or Lilliput 629(2008)

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    Xenarc 702tsv or Lilliput 629(2008)

    Good Afternoon,
    I couldn't manage to find a comparison between the Xenarc 702tsv or Lilliput 629(2008 Backlit).

    Which model would be the best bang for the buck and be best suited for the car pc environment?
    I noticed the Xenarc 702tsv is rated at 1000NIT, with the 5-wire resistive technology, while the Lilliput is rated @ about 400-500, with a 4-wire.

    Is the Xenarc worth the extra money? I would like to spend no more than $250-$275 on a monitor. The only way I can fathom the Xenarc is to find it magically on ebay, and use cashback.

    Lastly, would it be worth throwing the 700tsv into the mix as it would be cheaper but still has the 5-wire technology. Or the 706tsa with the external connectivity box...but the price is even higher than the rest.

    Thanks in advance!

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    man if you can afford it, get yourself the 702TSV, its so nice to have a super bright monitor. Another reason for a xenarc whether its 702/706/700, is the auto switch, so if you're going to get a reverse camera, definitely get a xenarc. Otherwise get yourself a 629 and save the cash.
    so my suggestion:
    1) if you might install a reverse cam get urself a xenarc regardless of model
    2) if you don't need reverse cam, get a 629 and save urself the money
    3) Look at my 701TSV, which is priced around the 700TSV, and is also a very nice option:

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    For the price of that high brightness Xenarc, just get a Transflective 629 and call it a day.

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