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Thread: Cheapest + Smallest (normal) TFT/LCD Monitor?

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    Cheapest + Smallest (normal) TFT/LCD Monitor?

    Anybody know of a standard PC monitor (ie one designed for desktop or whatever) which is less than 15 inches? I was thinking about using a standard 15" TFT in my car, since it fits (but it does look a tad oversized, not too bad) and since its so simple - plug into the PSU and into the graphics card.

    Anybody know a slightly smaller one though? Around 14, 13"?

    Seems you get more for your money than buying a specialist LCD thingy.

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    Try ebay. there is a entire section for lcds 15" and smaller. Just make sure it comes complete with all the parts.. ie, a vga plug and power plug. I got a datalux 10.4" for sale if you want one
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