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Thread: budget 7" lcd no VGA needed

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    budget 7" lcd no VGA needed

    Like the title says, i'm looking for a decent budget lcd for composite input. it should be a wide screen so i can fit it in a double din location. I just want something that i can see... it will be hooked up to the video out of a JVC headunit that plays dvds. thanks guys i tried searching, but it seems like everyone really needs vga

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    There are hundreds of those for around $100 shipped or less on ebay. That's where I'd go for something like that. Your choice of DIN style, headrest, roof folddown, etc.

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    yea i wasn't sure about the quality of those tho. i think i changed my plans. i'm just gonna go simple with a double din with usb support. I wanted to get a jvc h/u that does dvd/usb and have the output go to a monitor right above it, but i decided to keep it simple. thanks

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