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Thread: Need New Screen- $250 to $350 USD

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    Need New Screen- $250 to $350 USD

    Built my first CarPC this year and started out cheaply- very cheaply, mainly by using old and secondhand components where I could.

    As I have found that I DO use it a lot, I have been upgrading components: new computer itself has been installed (dual core Atom) and now I need to replace my touchscreen.

    The one I have is an 8.4 inch Lilliput, which looks quite good... when it works, which is about 1/2 the time. I bought it used for $100, so can't complain much, but... it is getting worse: to the point now where the EDID info is corrupt, throwing off calibration and display size.

    I would still prefer to keep costs as low as possible, because I am cheap, but I don't want to waste money either.

    The screens that look best to me at this point, and basically in my price range are:

    So I am looking for input on which is better, or any other alternatives in my price range.

    Display is mounted in the stock case on a post (looks better than it sounds!) and viewing angle can be adjusted, removing some concerns of daylight visibility and viewing angle, and freeing me of the need for a top-dollar screen.

    A unit that has the additional input connections at the source end of the cable (instead of right at the monitor) is better since that end is hidden.

    The last piece of pertinent info is that I use linux, so if anybody has knowledge of difficulties with either unit in an operating system that is NOT Windows that would also help.


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    i got a never used 701TSV (dvi,vga, 2xrca, autoreverse...etc) for 350OBO.
    Pm me if you're interested.

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    I appreciate the offer, but at this point- I want something brand new, warranteed, etc.


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