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Thread: Looking for small screen advice

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    Looking for small screen advice

    I'm looking for 2 really small widescreen LCD's.

    What I'm looking for is 3" to 3.5" widescreen LCD's that is prebuilt to accept RCA or VGA (preferably VGA) plugs. I would prefer them to be widescreen but if you only know about regular ones, I might be interested in that too.

    This isn't a WTB thread for here on the forum, I am looking for a reputable company who sells them.

    I appreciate your help in advance

    - Dave

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    Great to deal with these guys! I bought one of the 3.5" VGAs from them a few months ago, everything from support, shipping, tracking, product itself was 100% excellent.


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    Thanks! I will check them out

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