Alright, i work for a large company and have just aquired a little 6" PLC machine that has a 6" color touchscreen panel on it with a QVGA 320x240 resolution. It is one of these:

I really wanted to get into it and put something like windows CE 5 or XP embedded on it as it is a little pc. But i can't figure out how to telnet into it right now, so, i was thinking about taking that little monitor and somehow connecting it a laptop or regular pc.
It has small ribbon cable going to the monitor itself, but the touchscreen seems separate as i can take it off and it has its own little ribbon cable.

How can i hook this up to a laptop or a pc?
If i could load windows ce on it would be great, it has a 128mb compact flash card, 32mb onboard ram, a 133mhz processor, 2 serial/comm ports, network port and ps/2 keyboard and mouse ports.