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Thread: Here is a testing program for Noritake T-Series VFDs

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    Here is a testing program for Noritake T-Series VFDs

    Hey.. I've been looking for a simple program to test my Noritake T-Series VFDs that I have for sale, but couldn't find one so I just coded one up real quick.. Source is included..

    Noritake T-Series Tester

    PS: I have a few 40x2 VFDs for sale, $55 prewired and $40 bare (but with connectors, you just have to solder the stuff together)

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    I know that this is an old post, sorry to bring it back to life. But I have 2 of these displays and this is the first thing I've found which will actually display something on one! I just want to say thanks.

    I'm going to attempt to run this on a linux based system, but my skills as a programer as sub-par to say the least.

    Anyway, thanks again for making this avaliable.



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