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Thread: LCD problems/queries/suggestions

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    LCD problems/queries/suggestions

    For about 3 years I've had a shuttle doing nothing due to me going mac. So I've decided it would make a good car PC.

    + I've got the software running
    + GPS stuff is sorted
    + I've just bought the M2 ATX to power the thing.
    + I'm going to strap the shuttle down in the boot (any suggestions?)

    My main problem however is the screen, I have space for a double din, but for security I wanted one of the 7" Single DIN motorized ones. In fact i bought a lilliput GL701 from 'CNNIKI' off ebay, (97 were listed in stock) but now they are claiming the factory is not producing them any more and I wasn't getting my screen! I've just got my refund through so I have a budget of 200 (bout $300 these day with sterling being worthless) to get a screen.

    Really I'd like something with the built in amp so I don't have to faf with all that but my bro's a car electrician so it's not the end of the world.

    Is there a double din equivalent of the lilliput - I don't want anything to flashy to attract the theivin' scumbags!

    What else do you suggest?


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    i use to have a manual single din lilliput that was a pull out...eventually the parts would wear and tear. mechanical ones have the same issue.

    if you are security conscious, some people recess their screens and then place a fake panel over time (like the faceplate of your factory radio).

    ones with built in amps are more expensive. it is cheaper and easier to have a separate amp in the trunk or under the seat, or if you don't know car audio, get a cheap head unit with RCA inputs on the back and pay for someone to get it wired up and installed for you in like the glove compartment, or some other place in your car not in the DINs. they may look at you a bit weird, but that is expected when you are sticking a computer in your car :-P

    look at the store for the ideas on the screens. that will tell you what is available, and its price. then search on the model # and see what turns up.
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