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Thread: Anyone do Lilliput repairs?

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    Unhappy Anyone do Lilliput repairs?

    Hey, all: I seem to inadvertently killed my Lilliput 7" display. I had been taking it out of the casing while working on figuring out a custom bezel/etc and have apparently pulled wires. I believe the problem is probably on the lower half, where the larger ribbon cable plugs in. It would not seat, and with repeated attempts I broke the clamp to hold it in The other potential problem is the point where the 4 wires are soldered to the board - 2 had popped loose, but I've resoldered them and it should work.

    The board currently powers on, shows a white screen, then goes to black. When I hit the "PC/AV" button, it flashes back to white, then goes dark again.

    The local PC repair shop didn't seem all that confident over the phone, and at $55/hour labor fees, I'd rather find someone who knows that they know what they're doing.

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    I might be able to fix it.

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    Fabworks tried but couldn't find where the fault is - any other takers or advice? The monitor powers on, but only shows a white screen briefly before changing to black.

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