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Thread: Clean power for my lilli>?

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    Clean power for my lilli>?

    I have lilliput 7" that I have been running off an M2-ATX supply for a year now. he power has seemed to work fine and has been clean without any screen distortion or lines. Recently after having GPS issues I disabled the "Turn USB hub off" in Device manager to solve the GPS problem. Now it would seem the M2-ATX is under more load/draw and the screen is starting to get lines and bounce occasionally. I originally had the screen running off the 12v switched for my vehicle but that was messy too. Any good solutions or separate devices I could use to give good regulated power to my screen? Should i upgrade the PSU? Thanks...

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    Guess not

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    if 1A is enough, LM2941 low-drop voltage regulator is your friend!

    drive a dedicated power cable (with fuse!) from the battery for the supply, put a 1-2-5-10K uF condensator after it, and this will solve the noise and power problems! you can turn on and off the supply with an optocoupler, driving it with any 5-12V line of the carpc supply
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