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Thread: Does this exist?

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    Does this exist?

    I am very confused right now on chosing a monitor for my project.

    I need a monitor around 7" to be used as a second display for my receiver (JVC ADV49) and for my rearview camera.
    I want the monitor to turn on with the ignition, and switch from the receiver to camera when the camera is triggered.
    I was hoping to find one without any buttons or remote, it is going to be in the center of the dashboard, so I wanted it to look clean.

    Is there anything you guys can recommend to me?? I have been looking on my own, but I honestly don't know what to look for.

    Thanks for any help. Sorry I don't know much about them, I just started trying to learn what is what.

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    Should be possible, except for the bit about no buttons or remote.

    Plenty of monitors have dual input with one triggered by 12v (reverse light etc)

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    You can find a lot of screens, but they will all have bezel's that will need to be modified if you want in dash. You WANT buttons or an IR receiver, so you can make changes if needed.

    As for the other questions, search. There are plenty of threads covering those exact questions. It will typically require a push button, or a relay to take an electronic signal. I think a lot of people hook that in to their reverse lights, so that when the reverse lights come on, the relay clicks to the second channel.

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