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    Anyone have a datasheet on this display.
    I also have a 65PW061 inverter.

    I know I need a LCD controller (LVDS not available)
    size Scrn Resolution Model # Interface Max Color
    6.5 640x480 NL6448BC20-20 CMOS 6 bits 262K colors

    Which LCD controller would you recommend?
    How do I plug in the inverter to the outlet(what type of cable)?

    There isn't much on this LCD.

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    Try to search for similar types. The pinout usually the same or very similar. Check GNDs and if match, you won.

    I recommend pcix69000.
    The only problem with ttl rgb driving is the max. cable lenght, that is approx. 50-60cm (20 inches). Over that size noise and crosstalk makes the picture wrong or the display is even unable to show the picture.
    Skipping this problem, the card I suggested also contains a SIL chip, that provides a TMDS transmission at the same time, but in that case you need a receiver board (approx. 3x3 inches). The advantage is, that the supply of the display AND backlight and display data are in the same cable. Of course, you need a special cable also, but the max lenght is about 15ft.
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