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Thread: Have a 619 lilliput, need some power on help

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    Have a 619 lilliput, need some power on help

    Just fabricated a 619 lilli in a 2000 4runner... all was well!! until I decided to try and mount the button board behind the dash and cut a hole for the IR receiver. i broke the button board and can't find another one anywhere! I tried the button board from a EBY701 but it doesn't fit the ribbon cable the same. So.. I can't figure out how to turn on the LCD, i've tried crossing lead after lead on the ribbon cable with no luck

    I seen a hack for auto - on for the 619 somewhere, can I do this hack without having the button board? Is it a hack done on the main boarD? if so, please if you guys could, point me in the right direction here, my buddy is howlin' on me for installing a disfunctional system in his 4 runner!

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    in no means to be absolutely annoying, but does nobody really know?

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    the button board is a simple 2 layer board usually. Just solder it back together.

    The button board from a different monitor wont work as you already know.

    Only way to do it from the main board is to emulate the keyboard, which would requiring knowing what is on there.
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