Hey Guys

I am stuck here and need some help.
Before anyone blame me - yes I did a search and could not find a solution.

Here is my problem. I am using a mac mini running on XP and use a Xenarc 706 on DVI port. Mac mini has a intel G945 video card but It does not support 800 x 480.

I installed few drivers on it and tested it at home on my lcd monitor on VGA port. It works perfect on 800 x 480

But when I try to use it at my car with Xenarc it only appear the Windows introduction screen on 640 x 480 and then nothing else appears anymore - I just get a message saying that there is no signal.

I tried powerstrip and few other stuff but it did not work for me.

I am using a driver that I got on Cartft.com.

Please can anyone help me.