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Thread: Replacing rearview mirror & multiple camera inputs...

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    Replacing rearview mirror & multiple camera inputs...

    Hi everyone,

    I have a 2007 Jeep Wrangler 4-door that's been (and continues to be) heavily modified. I've recently decided to construct some rear storage, which will make the rear-view mirror completely useless. Before I start this project, I figure I have to address first. :-) So, my plan is to remove the rear-view mirror, and replace it with a 7" LCD monitor. I'll add a camera in the center of the spare tire, but also several others under the Jeep -- this'll be very useful on the trails. All the basics are already there -- fuse blocks, second battery, etc., but I'm not sure what to buy for the LCD and cameras...

    The Xenarc 706TSA seems like a good start... I'd like to keep the monitor as slim as possible, with the fewest wires going to it (since it'll be mounted where the rearview mirror is). My plan is to remove the rear-view mirror, and either re-use it's mount, or use a 1" RAM mount bolted to an overhead steel console (used for the CB).

    If I understand correctly, the external input processing box has two RCA composite inputs, which I could use for a camera, right? Since I want 6+ cameras, what would you suggest I look at to control switching of camera inputs? I would preferably like to power only the camera currently being viewed...

    Here's a picture to give you an idea of the space I'm working with....


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    Well, as for the screen, there's probably lots of ways to do it, but I just saw this a few minutes ago on eBay. The nice thing is it will display three different inputs at a time. I was thinking someone could have their side mirrors replaced with cams as well, and display all three cams at once. For your usage, you'd maybe want to stack two of these, and display all six at once. With the backup input, you can have whatever's in Input2 take up the whole display when not needed.

    Dunno if that helps any, but it's a start.


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    Thanks! Ok, so then here's what I'm looking at...

    I'm going to remove the rear-view mirror and fab a bracket for this LCD monitor (thanks for the suggestion!):

    My plan is to have a rear camera (bumper or spare tire level), a front bumper camera, and a wireless camera on the back of the (eventual) off-road trailer.

    Then... I'll get another 4 cameras to put under the Jeep (one per wheel with a view of the diffs) and run all 4 cameras to a 4-channel color multiplexer. The output will be fed to a USB adapter, and then to the passenger-side laptop on a RAM mount. The Laptop is also setup with GPS software and WiFi. I'll probably add a switch & relay to turn on/off the bluetooth GPS unit, laptop power circuit, and 4 cameras under the Jeep, all at the same time.

    The Pyle cameras seem to be fairly popular:

    Should I go with the "night vision" cameras all the way around, or just for the 4 underneath?

    So, what do you think? Any suggestions for the multiplexer? How about the WinXP software I'll need to view the video input?


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