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Thread: LCD Panels with VGA input!

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    LCD Panels with VGA input!

    After several hours of searching for a cheap LCD, I ran across this ebay store,

    and especially, this,

    The price is still out of my budget, but I thought you guys might be interested.. They have the LCD, VGA input, and touch panels.. Definitely cheaper than I could find a lilliput.

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    I don't think they don't come with the control boards for them, check the questions in the second link you posted.

    Not an unfair price though!

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    The AT070TN83 is already used by lilliput (possibly the newer eby701 and 629 series). Only 300 cd/m^2 though, so not too bright.

    Looking at the datasheet for the LMS700KF05, it's brightness does not seem that spectacular either. But it does have TMR, so I wonder how well that performs in the sun.

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    The guy said he would include boards for $35, and touch screen for $15 that seems a pretty darn good deal, but is there a controller for touchscreen as well?

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    consider JVJ vision

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