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Thread: LCD Brightness

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    Originally posted by Cordell
    will be waiting on those results.. a 200nit lcd shouldn't be THAT bad in the sunlight though should it?? I havn't been able to try mine yet.. but I'm hoping it will be ok
    Depends... some used LCD's are rated @ 200 nit but really put out a lot less due to their age. I had a USED 200nit LCD once and I couldn't see jack in direct sunlight. Then I bought a NEW 220 nit LCD and it was very viewable in most all lighting conditions.

    Just a note. This crap ain't cheap. I'm going to be testing it and giving some to Euclid to test as well. He's a little (read a lot!)better with LCD's than I am anyways.

    I have both the prism film and the reflective polarizer films coming. I was also told that they might cut down on the viewing angle a bit... but that realy depended on the LCD , how many sheets I used, and in what configuration. I was assured that it wouldn't turn a TFT screen into an STN screen (in terms of viewing angle), but like I said... we'll see.

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    I went to 3M booth during a show. What they had on display were monitors w/ half factory films and half 3M Vikuiti films. The half with the 3M films definitely look a lot brighter and whiter. However, the viewing angle is not as good as stock. It all depends on which films you use. The brighter direct viewing you get, the worse the viewing angle you get. You have to make some compromise. But overall, I would still go with the ones w/ 3M films.

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