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Thread: Multiple USB LCD's Coming...

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    Multiple USB LCD's Coming... least they may be on the horizon. Pretty neat, USB powered displays, with support for multiple monitors.

    Imagine, GPS on one...Movies or Tunez on another. Oh, the possibilities.

    For me this is ideal, as it would allow an easily removable LCD option. I like that idea.

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    That would make life so much easier

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    yes it would, can't wait
    STI Las Vegas

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    I've heard these are great but they add to the boot up time, slowing it down ! And also, it doesn't show anything until windows boots up (good for some, bad for others!) !

    I'd really love that, if it doesn't slow down boot, it'd be great if the screen turns on directly into my front end avoiding BIOS screen and windows logo ! Good for my Commercial OEM type system !

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