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Thread: cutting vga cable

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    that i could make work but that figures as the shortest i had found before was 3ft but the price was outrageous

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    I cut mine and extended it all the way to the trunk. No problems at all. I used cat 5 for conductors. There are ten conductors in the vga wire so it required that i add two which i did from using two additional wires from more cat 5. I shielded it with aluminum foil. <idk if that did anything for clarity, but you cant tell its been modified. its as clear as before i cut.

    Dont be scared people. why would doing this affect the screen or the motherboard? Use common sense, using an extesion is no different! except the possible losses involved with bad connections where the extension connects with the original.
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    Common sense is that they are ten bucks and if it takes you more than an hour to solder connectors you are paying yourself minimum wage.

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    I'm glad this worked for you. I'm trying to do something similar, except I want to cut the vga cable and splice another vga cable with the connector already attached. I've already cut them, but I'm having a few issues.

    - The wires inside the two are different, one has the 3 RBG plus 6 other smaller ones and the other has the 3 RBG and 8 smaller ones. The RGB is easy enough to figure out, but what about the other ones? I've heard of using a multimeter to check for continuty, but how exactly do you do this? Randomly connect two wires and test, with the multimeter?

    - Theres a lot of shielding in the cable. Both have foil and braided. Should I try to preserve them as I'm connecting the wires, and then try wrap it around again at the end? Or just cut it off? How important is the shielding?

    -I've heard something about draining the shield? How do I know if these wires have that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dMand View Post
    I don't recommend cutting and splicing the VGA cable. The signals have a tight tolerance and are very unforgiving. Besides, you could very easily screw up the motherboard/video card. Good luck!

    As others have suggested, a simple y cable or extension would be your best bet. Also, make sure you cover the spare output on the Y cable.
    How can someone very easily screw up the motherboard/video card? I'm asking this because I really don't know. Are you guessing that this could happen or is this common knowledge, or based one experience? Reason I ask is I would figure that if everything wasn't connected properly it just wouldn't work and I've heard of people connecting the RBG wires and then just randomly touching the other wires, ie Hsync/Vsync and looking for a connection... but I really don't know...

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