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Thread: AMOLED Displays

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    AMOLED Displays

    I know these are readily available in small sizes (phone's etc) but are there any available in large formats such as 7" with VGA connector? (don't need touch screen format)


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    CMEL makes a 7.6 inch OLED panel... 30,000:1 contrast ratio sounds pretty awesome, but the brightness is only 200cd. I don't know if that would cut it for sunlight viewing.

    It has an LVDS interface, but maybe there's an OEM out there that allows VGA connectivity.

    The only company I have heard of that uses these is Kodak, with their new picture frame:

    They are calling this thing a "vanity piece". The price was initially $1,000, although I hear it was recently reduced to *only* $859. Unfortunately, there is no VGA option (it is after all, just a picture frame).

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