I'm on the lookout for a small embedded motherboard with LVDS. I was thinking about making a DIY laptop, so a low profile board would be the key.

Does anyone know of any boards with a short height+ low power consumption?

I'd like something that can at least play divx, so an Intel Atom would be ideal, but probably not one of the older VIA boards.

I noticed there are C2D boards availiable, any low height ones?

I have a 00k3190 13.3'' XGA LCD that fits the SPWG v1 LVDS standard.

Pinout is as follows
1 VDD Power Supply, 3.3 V (typical)
2 VDD Power Supply, 3.3 V (typical)
3 VSS Ground
4 VSS Ground
5 Rin0 - LVDS Receiver Signal (-)
6 Rin0 + LVDS Receiver Signal (+)
7 VSS Ground
8 Rin1 - LVDS Receiver Signal (-)
9 Rin1 + LVDS Receiver Signal (+)
10 VSS Ground
11 Rin2 - LVDS Receiver Signal (-)
12 Rin2 + LVDS Receiver Signal (+)
13 VSS Ground
14 CLK - Clock Signal (-)
15 CLK + Clock Signal (+)
16 VSS Ground
17 VEDID DDC 3.3V power
18 NC Reserved for supplier test point
19 ClkEDID DDC Clock

Does anyone have experience with wiring in LCD's