Just wanna share this beautifull moment with you all...

I've been having trouble with my in-dash motorized screen for a year now, and was about to throw it out the window! I bought it off Ebay, (I KNOW, never buy cheap C**p off of Ebay, but I did!)

It started acting up, not opening fully, mostly just sliding out horizontally and then stop there... I'd use the button to get it up to an up-right position.
Then I'd turn the engine off, and normally it would go down, and retract. But noooooo, it would go down about 10 degrees, and sit there, waiting for me to push the "close" button again, move 10 degrees again, and so on, untill it came to horizontally position, then it would retract...

I pulled the whole thing apart, and looked for switches and stuff like that... Nothing wrong that I could see... By a stroke of luck I saw this:

Cellphone pic, sry for quality!!!

2 of the wires were broken off!

Soldered them back on; low and behold, it works like a charm!

I was about to order a new screen, just saved $300!