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Thread: Which Xenarcs (and others) support auto reverse switching

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    Which Xenarcs (and others) support auto reverse switching

    Searched for hours and ended up reading the same threads over and over without any specific answers.

    I'm looking for a list of monitors that definitely have auto reverse switching built in. No secret menus, no cheeseboxes, etc. I need to buy a new monitor this week but want to make sure it supports the auto reverse technology by itself as a lot of the time I don't even boot the computer up. Thanks in advance and if, for some reason, I've blatantly missed the thread that identifies which ones do, accept my apologies.
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    i know the 702TSV will, and its probably the most popular xenarc around, solid construction and price.
    I've got a brand new xenarc sitting around, let me know if you're interested.


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