Hi all!

I was just wondering if you guys could help me out.

Im looking to install a Car PC in my MK4 Golf but i have a few questions before i begin buying parts. Firstly, im going to be definately using a Acer Veriton L410 machine and possibly a Alpine TME-M860 Screen.

What i wanted to do was installing the screen in the double din space and have my current Sony CDX-GT710 Stereo underneath that to control sound (have the computer connected to AUX). This im assuming would be much more simple than stripping the wires and connecting everything to the amp and then to the machine. Unless anyone can suggest an easier way?

I suppose my main questions would be, how would i power the machine and the monitor from the battery without having to using a power invertor.

Could i have the computer switch to standby when ignition goess off, or what that eat too much battery? i dont mind having to switch it off.

Is it possible to have BOTH the 8" screen and the stereo AND the Heating Controller... or is there somewhere else i could locate the stereo to (prefereably near the driving seat).

The way i was thinkin is, have everything connected up as normal and have a AUX cable to the stereo, which will then give me sound from my speakers and subwoofer... that meaning not much wiring would need to be done.

Bit of a long post lol

Look forward to your responses and thanks in advance