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Thread: Making the RGB signal stronger?

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    Interact Mobile Monitor PSOne RGB Hack

    Ok I have pretty much figured it out.

    The Toshiba TFD50W32-B 5" LCD is 960X234. It would seem that no matter what we do it's going to have lousy vertical resolution.

    I have pics of the hack in action along with a screenshot of the powerstrip settings.
    The action photos are all in 848x480 mode. I suspect 640x480 looks better. It's all just temporary wiring in those pics.

    Here's the relevant bits of the missing connector CN4:

    04 HSync to pin 34
    06 Composite Sync to pin 36 sync separator (or just vsync?)
    07 SW : Low=Composite High=RGB
    08 Blue
    09 Green
    10 Red
    18 GND
    19 GND
    25 +VCC

    Tie SW pin 7 to +VCC pin 25 to select RGB mode. Leave it disconnected otherwise.

    Typical 15 Pin VGA Connector
    01 Red
    02 Green
    03 Blue
    05 GND
    13 HSync or Composite Sync
    14 VSync

    I did a lot of fiddling getting the sync working and I don't really understand it. It didn't help that I started thinking csync was shared with vsync. I tried 3 different video cards. One card behaved weird in interlaced mode, the mouse cursor would display correctly but the desktop background was all twisted and smeared.

    I'm not entirely certain that you can use the HSync on CN4 pin 4. I haven't managed to get a reliable sync using separate H and V. Only CSync fed to CN4 pin 6 works so far.

    I'm pretty sure that I need that sync combiner circuit for my laptop. It's supposed to output CSync but it just won't play ball. Kinda wish I had an oscilloscope for this crap.

    If you have any results, info, or questions just send me an email.

    [email protected]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skraggy_uk View Post

    managed to desolder the PS2 AV multi out passthrough without trashing the board.
    Did you desolder the one on the left or the one in the center??

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    Ok I'm gonna get shafted for bumping this thread ... I know it's old ... but I go a few things that might help ppl with this ...

    1. To get the Japanese (or any foreign language) site in English you just bung the whole URL into Google then click TRANSLATE ... at least you can get an idea of what he's saying:

    Original Japanese Site Translated

    2. Powerstrip v3.75 is latest:
    Powerstrip v3.75

    3. Guys with older VGA cards ... you might wanna try an older version of Powerstrip because v3 has left out a few old cards ... see Legacy Support below ...

    Legacy support
    PowerStrip 3 is intended for use with newer display cards, but to protect your investment in older hardware a wide range of otherwise orphaned display adapters are supported, including those based on chips from 3dfx, Number Nine, Cirrus Logic, Rendition, S3, and Tseng Labs. However, a handful of chips supported by older versions of PowerStrip have regrettably been dropped from Version 3.

    PowerStrip 2.78

    I'm outta here as I need to keep my balls ...



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