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Thread: Cell Phone LCD hacks.. Want to use for gauges ?

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    Cell Phone LCD hacks.. Want to use for gauges ?

    Ok maybe stupid idea.. but... I want to take lcd screens out of cell phones and use them to acually display gauge information.. but obviously in a very kewl looking screen.. aka water temp oil presure boost and so on... Also.. i want to put twin big cell phone lcd screen on wheel with cameras mounted on side mirrors.. Can this be done ? and im sure it can.. So if you know were the information is .. Could you please stear me in direction... I want it to interface with the computer.. or can this be done as a complete stand alone for each gauge and just program a chip threw computer. ? then they still work even if computer off ?


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    They have a couple cell phone screens there. To do this would require a good deal of electronics as well as embedded programming knowledge. (C/Assembly). I'd personally use an AVR microcontroller for the job, they're very versatile and you can program then in C
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