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Thread: Is there a 6.5 inch screen?

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    I'm talking to Roger Lou, Sales Manager, Wuhan Bluestar Technology Co.,Ltd.
    He's offering me the following:
    > Model: D650 digital touch screen
    > 1) Price: US$ 285/pc , for 1-200 pcs
    > 2) Air Freight : US$ 140/pc, TNT to door
    > 3) Delivery time: 3 days after receiving the prepaid by TT.
    > *Above prices are for standard configuration
    > *The price is valid from 5th, Aug,2009.

    Please tell me when screen is detached from the 2din case and the rest of electronics, can this electronics be used afterwards? Too bad to waste it if it's good.

    In my first phase (look at the picture of the interior of my car) the original radio will stay where it belongs but the factory screen (mine is monochrome) will go in the plastic in the roof because this display has important automatic airco info (without them you're like blind airco user). Other than that, it has boerd computer, FM radio information and cdplayer/cdchanger information. All 6 CD's are single-slot loading in the fatory 2-din nice-looking unit. Also this screen tells me when some bulbs are not working which is important to me because I have some HID problems (china xenon lights).

    When I reach the part where I have FM radio integrated in my PC, I will think about removing he factory radio unit but keeping it's plastic cover. slot loading dvd drive should then be positioned behind the original plastic cover and this is the part where I might use this amplyfier that comes with D650 unit. Is it any good or should I buy a new one? I have no room in my trunk for nothing because of LPG installation (60 liters tank). Also I might use this 2 din D650 case to fit a small PC inside in later phase, but in phase one the PC will be a laptop computer under the driver's seat (already prepared).

    EDIT: what's the difference between N52 and D650 in terms of disasembly?
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    Hi there zvjer.
    Did you end up finding a screen?
    and is it as simple as plugging a new colour screen in? or is there programing required ?
    thanks lodski

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