I'm really reaching out here, so any help is appreciated. I had cut my cable and tossed the VGA and USB ends. Well now I'm building a wiring harness for the car and forgot to write down which colors went where on the motherboard I had the pig-tail soldered to.

Here's what I have and what I've found for searching.

Cables I used:


According to the 8" screen, this is how it should be:
gray = red video
brown = green video
black = blue video
green = h-sync
purple = v sync

I'm hoping I can just swap my blue for the 8" black but I don't want to risk it.

Also, my old screen had the USB blow out on it, so I picked up the little usb add-on board. I'm soon going to be getting a new screen, and want to build my harness for the add on board and the new screen (in case USB blows out again).

The cables I have on the Lilliput dongle are:

And the 8" screen is listed as follows:
red - red
orange - black
yellow - white
green - green

I would assume yellow should be USB green, but again I don't want to guess.

All the searching I did only showed me pinouts and colors for the 8" screen, which doesn't exactly match mine.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks guys.