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Thread: USB touchscreen

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    USB touchscreen

    Hola all,

    I'm looking around, and would like a small touchscreen. What I want is one that uses USB and only USB - for both the touch-y bit and the see-y bit [and power].

    Looking around, I came across this thing from mimo monitors that seems like it's going in the right direction.

    My second requirement is that it must work with Linux running on ARM

    Can anyone suggest what hardware might be good, here?

    Gary (-;
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    wow, that little unit is most impressive! Not sure how well it would run on a carpc due to cpu usage and USB challenges many of us face...
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    According to this there are no linux drivers.

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    There is display drivers for linux.

    And you can get the linux touch drivers from here, "e2i Technologies, NTR, USB"
    but the are not free...

    More info on linux drivers,

    And from what I can remember the webcam is just a standard usb webcam.

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