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Thread: Xenarc 1020TSV, Bad Unit?

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    Xenarc 1020TSV, Bad Unit?

    Against my better judgment and trying to save a few bucks I purchased a used 1020TSV off of eBay. It supposedly had only 10 hours on it and was just used for testing a POS machine. When I received it, the screen and everything in the original packaging seemed to be pristine, most of the cables and such never used.

    I decided to hook the unit up to my laptop to test it and am very discouraged by the results. I think I may have been taken!

    Everything is very, ah, squarish - like big pixels, but not quite. At the bottom of the screen everything is blurred, doubled and has a few pixel lines missing. I'm new to these touchscreens, so I wanted to fist make sure this isn't a software/driver issue. Any thoughts?


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    considering the resolution, the monitor does max 1024x768, what were you thinking?

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    Agree with tracker64. The monitor should be fine. You just need to run it at the correct resolution.

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