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    innolux at070tn83

    Hello All,

    I am hoping someone here can help... I had a flipout touch screen that died (surprise there) wires broke inside and can not replace them, anyways the screen still works and was wondering how I could hook the screen up directly to the pc below are the specs on it:

    Innolux 7inch TFT LCD Module, AT070TN83, 800x480
    Resolution: 800x(RGB )x480
    Outer Dimension:165 x 104 x 5.5mm
    Active Area:152.4 x 91.44mm
    LED Power:2.5W
    Module Power:0.825W
    Weight: 130g
    Contrast Ratio:500:1
    Viewing Angel:70/70/50/70 L/R/T/B

    There is some type of PCB mounted to the back of the display that has no real markings on it, and I can not read the chip numbers off it to even deduce what they may be used for. I noticed that in the resolution it says 800x(RGB )x480 and was wondering if that is standard composite video if so I have a TV out port on my carputer and would just be happy to get it up and running again till I can purchase a better display.

    Thanks in advance,
    Roger Mayers
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    Which flipout was this? I dont recall seeing any flip screens with LED backlight. Usually that Innolux panel is used on the newer Lilliputs with LED backlighting, like the eby701.

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    Thank You


    All I can say was I purchased it from this company it had TV/FM Radio/ VGA/ Video inputs. There is no name branding on the unit and no clear info on it.


    Ok after looking at a picture of the circuit board on a Lilliputs EBY701 at the board that is attached to the display in the white plastic is very similar but not exact. So from the looks of it I will just need to obtain the controller board correct?

    Thank You,
    Roger Mayers
    Criminals do not die by the hands of the law. They die by the hands of other men.
    George Bernard Shaw

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