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Thread: GL701NP modified, need help

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    GL701NP modified, need help

    So I have a GL701NP and like so many others the gears broke, rather than trying to fix the gears I decided to make it into a double din uit as you can see from one of my custom fab shots here.

    There was a switch on the main board that tells the unit that the LCD is in the correct position to turn on and so I modified that so that it would know the screen is where it should be. This worked great, then as I finished the bezel I went to move it into the car, now the VGA display will not come on. It just beeps at me and the whole head unit locks up like a fail safe. I can get it to come on again but I have to completely remove power from the unit for around 10 minutes or so then on initial boot it comes on, but is I hit the radio button and try to go back to the screen it locks up again and beeps at me. Does anyone have any ideas?

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